About IdeaZeit

What is IdeaZeit?

All clients want to make their brand relevant to current consumer desires. In the fast-paced world of 21st century media, what’s hot today is tomorrow’s passe, and nothing is more important than making sure a product or service resonates with consumers and the press.


IdeaZeit is the marketing response to that need – capturing the zeitgeist or “spirit of the time” to help brands gain and keep their appeal in a rapidly changing culture. With three divisions: Strategy, Media and Stages, IdeaZeit is all about the big idea that brings a brand to life in the eyes of the media and consumers. IdeaZeit was formed with a single goal in mind: developing smart, creative, effective  concepts that really work.


Why Hire Ideazeit?

Unlike traditional agencies, IdeaZeit works by assembling a team specific to each client’s brief. For projects – and budgets – large and small, we have a roster of highly skilled people who meet your needs.  We provide the most cost-effective and creative way to achieve measurable results – with no hefty retainers. Our capabilities range from product launch and branding strategy, to sponsorship and special event concepts, media relations, or just a quick marketing initiative.


IdeaZeit is also able to offer short-term assistance on special projects, or provide expert advice on programmes in progress to help them stay on target. We integrate well into in-house teams to provide skills you may not have on-staff, or don’t need full-time. We have particular success with short-term, performance-driven media and marketing programmes designed to provide a PR or sales boost. These types of project are extremely affordable but yield measurable results. Most importantly our work is highly creative and built-to-order ensuring that your brand stands out from the crowd.


How Do We Work?

Brand managers are faced with a mountain of research, statistics, focus-group findings and sales goals. IdeaZeit studies these materials, taking into account the current marketplace, trends, culture and competitors in order to see the “big picture”. We even conduct anecdotal research if needed.


IdeaZeit then devises concepts to position the brand accurately for media, the target audience and our client’s goals. We focus on practical tactics and measurable results – not just media impressions. Once a concept is selected, we work closely with our client to fine-tune objectives, ensuring a targeted program with sound strategy and within budget.